48 Hour Event

The 48 Hour Event is a hoplist flight which, as the name suggests, is live for 48 hours only. You can use this event to gain points for your next promotion. For further information, check out the 48 Hour Event guidelines.

This event has EXPIRED.
A new event is being prepared. Please check back later.

About this Flight

We are headed this way!

A snap shot of some of the areas we will visit during the October hop list. Choose your starting point wisely........some legs are pretty long

In this Online Event we will be launching 9 hops, covering a total of 4719.9 nautical miles. So complete your flight preperation, climb aboard and join us on another jaunt across the virtual skies.

 FSNavigator FlightPlan

 An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

Participating Pilots
Pilot IDNameLegs CompletedCurrent LocationNext Flight
AST003Jim Hodde3RKPD - JeongseokLeg 7 - RKPD - RCFN
AST463Charlie Jones9VEGT - GuwahatiCompleted! Well Done.
AST769Jeff Johnson5ZLXY - XianyangLeg 3 - ZLXY - ZYTL
AST775Jeph Payne4ZKPY - SunanLeg 5 - ZKPY - RKSM

The Route
1Guwahati - VEGTZUXC - Qingshan577.32
2Qingshan - ZUXCZLXY - Xianyang513.77
3Xianyang - ZLXYZYTL - Zhoushuizi671.47
4Zhoushuizi - ZYTLZKPY - Sunan193.64
5Sunan - ZKPYRKSM - Seoul / Domestic125.35
6Seoul / Domestic - RKSMRKPD - Jeongseok243.78
7Jeongseok - RKPDRCFN - Fengnin704.55
8Fengnin - RCFNVVNB - Noibai International855.69
9Noibai International - VVNBVEGT - Guwahati834.33
 Number of Hops: 9Total Distance:4719.9