Flight Academy

Private Pilot Checkride

This check-ride is part of the Promotion Course.
A successful candidate will be promoted to Flight Officer providing all requirements have been met for the position.


  • Stalls - A little theory and some practice in Stalls and Stall recovery
  • Steep turns - Get proficient in steep turns using both instruments and your view of the outside world. Learn to control your aircraft on the edge.
  • VOR navigation - Ever felt lost, with no idea which way to go? Learn the basics of navigation using one of the more common radio navigation aids, the Very high frequency Omnidirectional Range beacon, or VOR.
  • Traffic patterns - Learn to fly a standard traffic pattern and become familiar with all the stages, upwind, crosswind, downwind, base and final.
  • Air Traffic Control - No you're not all alone up there amongst the clouds. To help you navigate your way through crowded skies, tune in and learn how to communicate with ATC.
  • The Checkride - Starting at Bremerton National Airport, you will be asked to perform a takeoff, a series of turns and steep turns, a traffic pattern entry and execution, a descent, and finally a landing at Tacoma Narrows airport.

At the end of the Checkride

If you successfully complete the checkride you will be presented with a certificate on-screen. Complete your certificate by entering your name, then take a screen-image of the certicate and save it to your disk.

How do I update my Profile?

Send your saved image file (jpeg, gif or bmp) to your Hub Manager. Don't forget to include your Pilot ID so we know who you are! Your certification will appear on your profile at the next update.

Screen-image capture

This can be accomplished within Windows XP/Vista by pressing the Prt Scr key, which will copy the screen-image to the clipboard. Open up your favourite paint package or use the Paint program provided with Windows and paste the image from the clipboard. Save the new image to disk.

Why hasn't my rank changed?

Remember that the checkride is one facet of the promotion requirements. It may be that you have not met all the requirements for the next rank.

To review what you need to do, log into the Flight Services and choose Pilot Status from the Pilot Information menu. This will show an on-screen assesment of your current status and compare them against the requirements for the next rank. An advisory will then explain what you need to do.

If you have met all the requirements, please fill in the promotion request available at the Pilot Status page, which will be actioned by your Hub Manager.