Setup and Configuration (VA Access Files and Installation)

Once you have FlightTracker installed it is completely operational, and will log your flights into your personal logbook. However, before you can use the Automated Pirep System here at Air SeaTac Virtual you will need to install some additional files and set up Flight Tracker to connect to the APS at the Air SeaTac sever.

Installing the Files

First of all you will need to download the APS configuration files. Click the link below to download the zip archive and save it to your hard drive.


Air SeaTac Virtual APS Configuration Files (9.2 Released April 2019):   Download APS Config


After download, unzip the file to a temporary folder and copy the Report and VA folders and thier contents to your FlightTracker installation folder. Once completed you should have two new folders in your FlightTracker Folder. The Report folder contains one text file and the VA folder contains the four files detailed below.

Checking the Installation

Check the installation of the APS files by starting FlightTracker. You should be welcomed with a splashscreen containing the AST logos and have a new item on the File Menu. If you do not see these updates check the location of all the folders and files.

Setup and Configuration (ACARS and VA Settings)

ACARS Configuration

Once you have verified the installation, we can proceed to the ACARS setup screen. Click the Settings icon in the FlightTracker menu on the left. Then click the ACARS tab on the setup page. Enter the information presented below. This ensures that any flight reports you send directly to the APS system will have the recognised format. Failing to do so may mean your flight report will be rejected. 


Virtual Airline Configuration

Still with it? OK. This is the final step in the configuration. While still in the FlightTracker Settings, click the Virtaul Airline tab. Enter your details in the appropriate areas including your name, email address and Air SeaTac Virtual Pilot ID. This information must match the details held at Air SeaTac Virtual (Your Profile) and is used to validate your posting. When you have finished entering your details don't forget to click Save.