Using the APS



Only officially recognised aircraft types are accepted via the APS. For a full listing please see the Recognised Aircraft Types available here. The system will generate an error if the AIRCRAFT TYPE is not recognised and you will not be able to post your flight report. All aircraft available via the Air SeaTac Flight Services are recognised by the APS. If you are using an aircraft that appears to have an incorrect aircraft type, you will need to edit the relevant aircraft.cfg file and add the correct information to the atc_model= entry.


Generating your Flight Report

Once you have completed your flight, apply the parking brakes to end your flight logging. Check the details in your ACARS report and if all is OK, click Log Flight. You have now closed your flight and are ready to send your Flight Report (Pirep) to the Air SeaTac website.


Sending your Pirep

To send your flight report to the server, click File | Send Pirep. This action will open a dialog box, click Select Pirep. From the file selector choose the Pirep you have recently logged. The files are saved with the following format:


The filename comprises Year, Month, Day and Time, making the selection very easy. Double click the filename or single click and press Open. This will load your Flight Report ready for sending to the server and is your last chance to check the information. If everything is OK, then click Send Pirep.

If all is OK, your Pirep will be filed and you will get an OK response from the server. If the Flight Report has errors the server will respond with an error message informing you what is wrong.