Getting Online

Multiplayer Flight Server

Connect using FS2004


Easy steps to Multiplayer in FS2004

Launch FS2004

Select Multiplayer from the loading screen.
Alternatively, set up your flight and enter the cockpit, then from the FS2004 menu bar choose Flights >> Multiplayer >> Connect...

This will display the login dialog (shown below).


Multiplayer Connect Dialog

Enter your PilotID/Name and the Server IP address* and click Search.

Select the Air SeaTac Server in the list.

Click Join

This will present the Server Password dialog box shown below.


* The Server IP Address is always available at Home | Online | Flight Server Details


Session Password Dialog

 Enter the Server Password* and click OK

The Server Password is always available at Home | Pilot Centre | Flight Services | Help | Flight Server Details

 (You'll need your Flight Services login to access this page)