Getting Online

Multiplayer Flight Server

Connect using FSX


Easy steps to Multiplayer in FSX


Multiplayer Connect Dialog

Download FSHost Client

read the instructions on installation and operation.

After installation:

  1. Launch FSX
  2. Set up your flight and enter the cockpit
  3. From the FSX menu bar choose:
    Add-Ons >> FSHostClient >> Multiplayer Connect.
  4. This will display the login dialog (shown left).
  5. Enter your PilotID/Name, the Server IP address*  and click Search IP for Sessions
  6. Select the Air SeaTac Server in the list.
  7. Enter the Server Password* and click Connect


* The Server IP Address is always available at Home | Online | Flight Server Details

The Server Password is always available at Home | Pilot Centre | Flight Services | Help | Flight Server Details

(You'll need your Flight Services login to access this page)