Getting Online

Voice Communication with TeamSpeak

Initial Configuration
Server Connection
Automating things


Initial Configuration

Step One

  • Open Teamspeak and select the Settings pull-down menu
  • Select Setup Wizard from the pull-down menu.

This will place you in the setup wizard which will allow you to set your push-to-talk (PTT), nickname and audio settings.


Step Two

Please include your AST ID when choosing a nickname, this will allow other members to easily identify you when connecting


Step Three

Here you will set up your Push-To-Talk (PTT) assignment, please be mindful of the following:

  • Please be sure you have Push-To-Talk (PTT) set at all times when connected to the Air SeaTac Teamspeak server
  • Please be sure that any hotkey(s) you assign to PTT have not been assigned in FS9 / FSX



Step Four

Here you will test your Push-To-Talk (PTT) assignment, you'll also be able to see here if Teamspeak has detected your audio hardware properly



Step Five

Finally you can optionally set a hotkey for speaker mute, as with the previous hotkey assignment, ensure that this does not clash with any set in FS9 / FSX