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Pilot Flight Report # 92846 Submitted by : AST254 on 2019-04-07
Date: 2019-04-07Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 8-Q200
Flight No.: TOURDistance (Nm): 123.49
Departure: SAEZ - Ezeiza International Ministro PistarinDestination: SUMU - Carrasco Intl/Gen C L Berisso
Out (Taxi)2110 Flight RulesVFR
Off (Takeoff)2110 Flight Level
On (Landing)2139 VSTD
In (Ramp)2139 ZFW
Flight0.48  -  0:291530  Pax0
Block0.48  -  0:291530  Cargo0
Departure WeatherSAEZ 62109Z 00000KT 62SM SKC 14/4 A2992
Destination WeatherSUPE 62139Z 00000KT 62SM SKC 14/4 A2992
Flight CommentsSouth American Experience - 19 of 21
saw the post on server problems :-(