Flight Services Help - Version 4.00 Help


  Limit the Roster display to Pilots from a particular Hub or ALL Pilots.
  Allows the Roster to be sorted by a selection of parameters such as Hub, Rank etc.
  Limit the Roster display to Pilots of a particular Status or ALL Pilots
  All the filters can be active at once; i.e. you can use the filters to show Active Pilots from the Seattle Hub sorted by Flight Hours.

Status Key:

  Pilot is active and has submitted a flight report within the last 30 days (minimum requirement).
Active (30 days)
  Pilot is active but Air SeaTac has not received a flight report submission within the last 30 days.
On Leave
  Pilot is currently On Leave. Minimum requirements are suspended for 90 days.
  Pilot has been suspended. No flight reports have been received within the last 60 days.


View Active Route
  Displays the current route submission for the selected pilot. The route details all transitions with distances and times based on the currently selected aircraft. 
View Pilot Profile
  Displays the profile shows for the selected pilot. Details show the relevant information for a pilot including hub, rank, a number of statistics, awards and certification.
View Pilot Flight Log
  Displays all flights registered via the Air SeaTac Virtual Pilot and Flight Services. Additional options allow the display of detailed flight reports. 

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