Monthly Online Event

At the start of each month a new multi-leg flight is posted to the server allowing all pilots to follow the same route.
Check below to view the current flight adventure and review the progress of the pilots.

This event is now ACTIVE.

NOW ACTIVE: from 0000 UTC on 2019-04-01 to 2359 UTC on 2019-04-30.

About this Flight


all air space flying north is closed due to sever winter geostorm ... stay tuned to the AST Weather Channel and our very own aviation weather prognosticator Jim "Cantore" Hodde for further updates.

"head south and keep heading even further south until you head north up the other side of the world"

In this Online Event we will be launching 14 hops, covering a total of 9866.48 nautical miles. So complete your flight preperation, climb aboard and join us on another jaunt across the virtual skies.

 FSNavigator FlightPlan

 An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

Participating Pilots
Pilot IDNameLegs CompletedCurrent LocationNext Flight
AST229Leon Vermeulen3NZDN - DunedinLeg 4 - NZDN - NZWD
AST003Jim Hodde14SBGL - Galeao-Antonio C Jobim InternationalCompleted! Well Done.
AST261Gage Watkins0YBBN - Brisbane InternationalLeg 1 - YBBN - YSSY
AST252David Wrede1YSSY - Kingsford Smith IntlLeg 2 - YSSY - YMHB
AST254Mark Bradshaw14SBGL - Galeao-Antonio C Jobim InternationalCompleted! Well Done.
AST775Jeph Payne14SBGL - Galeao-Antonio C Jobim InternationalCompleted! Well Done.

The Route
1Brisbane International - YBBNYSSY - Kingsford Smith Intl406.49
2Kingsford Smith Intl - YSSYYMHB - Hobart560.80
3Hobart - YMHBNZDN - Dunedin987.57
4Dunedin - NZDNNZWD - Mcmurdo Station1920.42
5Mcmurdo Station - NZWDSCRM - Teniente R Marsh Martin2234.65
6Teniente R Marsh Martin - SCRMSAWH - Ushuaia International Malvine Is527.85
7Ushuaia International Malvine Is - SAWHSAWC - El Calafate306.27
8El Calafate - SAWCSAZS - S C De Bariloche549.39
9S C De Bariloche - SAZSSCIE - Carriel Sur International277.50
10Carriel Sur International - SCIESCEL - Arturo Merino Benitez Intl231.83
11Arturo Merino Benitez Intl - SCELSAEZ - Ezeiza International Ministro Pistarin614.63
12Ezeiza International Ministro Pistarin - SAEZSGES - Guarani Intl594.02
13Guarani Intl - SGESSBGR - Guarulhos International473.21
14Guarulhos International - SBGRSBGL - Galeao-Antonio C Jobim International181.85
 Number of Hops: 14Total Distance:9866.48