Monthly Online Event

At the start of each month a new multi-leg flight is posted to the server allowing all pilots to follow the same route.
Check below to view the current flight adventure and review the progress of the pilots.

This event is now ACTIVE.

NOW ACTIVE: from 0000 UTC on 2019-06-01 to 2359 UTC on 2019-06-30.

About this Flight

Sight Seeing

sights that make these flight a personal discovery

In this Online Event we will be launching 24 hops, covering a total of 5389.73 nautical miles. So complete your flight preperation, climb aboard and join us on another jaunt across the virtual skies.

 FSNavigator FlightPlan

 An FSNavigator flightplan is available for this Event.

Participating Pilots
Pilot IDNameLegs CompletedCurrent LocationNext Flight
AST003Jim Hodde9KCHS - Charleston AFB/IntlLeg 10 - KCHS - X47
AST252David Wrede3KHTO - East HamptonLeg 4 - KHTO - 4NY2
AST229Leon Vermeulen6KMDT - Harrisburg InternationalLeg 7 - KMDT - KEKN
AST775Jeph Payne21TNCC - Willemstad/Hato International.Leg 22 - TNCC - TGPY

The Route
1Nantucket Meml - KACKKMVY - Martha's Vineyard26.36
2Martha's Vineyard - KMVYMA25 - Long Pond32.13
3Long Pond - MA25KHTO - East Hampton109.10
4East Hampton - KHTO4NY2 - Edo73.69
5Edo - 4NY2KIPT - Williamsport Rgnl141.42
6Williamsport Rgnl - KIPTKMDT - Harrisburg International63.36
7Harrisburg International - KMDTKEKN - Elkins-Randolph Co163.23
8Elkins-Randolph Co - KEKN14A - Lake Norman202.86
9Lake Norman - 14AKCHS - Charleston AFB/Intl168.54
10Charleston AFB/Intl - KCHSX47 - Flagler Co214.53
11Flagler Co - X47KMCO - Orlando International62.62
12Orlando International - KMCOKNPA - Pensacola NAS334.52
13Pensacola NAS - KNPAKNQX - Key West NAS458.56
14Key West NAS - KNQXMUGM - Guantanamo Bay NAS456.14
15Guantanamo Bay NAS - MUGMMYGF - Grand Bahama International443.17
16Grand Bahama International - MYGFMYNN - Nassau Intl112.80
17Nassau Intl - MYNNMYEF - Exuma Intl124.34
18Exuma Intl - MYEFMDSD - Las Americas Dr J F Pena Gome464.52
19Las Americas Dr J F Pena Gome - MDSDMTPP - Port-Au-Prince International149.79
20Port-Au-Prince International - MTPPTJSJ - Luis Munoz Marin International358.39
21Luis Munoz Marin International - TJSJTNCC - Willemstad/Hato International.412.18
22Willemstad/Hato International. - TNCCTGPY - Point Salines International421.10
23Point Salines International - TGPYTFFR - Le Raizet256.23
24Le Raizet - TFFRTNCM - Princess Juliana International140.15
 Number of Hops: 24Total Distance:5389.73