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View all the previously held Online Events at Air SeaTac Virtual. Covers the Online and 24 Hour Events. A selection of flight plans from the Air SeaTac Online Events, in FSNavigator format. Download the flight plans and check out some of the varied flights that have previously been on offer at AST Online.

Flights and Events Archive
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A touch of Central America

Original Event date: 2019-11-23


Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica in some nice VFR flights.

The Long Way to South America

Original Event date: 2019-11-01


Enjoy a variety of flights down the east and south coast of America, through Mexico, Cuba, Bahama's, Caribbean then south of the equator we go.

A Bit of History

Original Event date: 2019-10-26


Washington DC and the east coast in short hops.

Color My World

Original Event date: 2019-10-01


Enjoy the colors of fall across the United States. From the Pacific Northwest to the east coast you will experience the beauty in our change of seasons. Autumn colors during the first two legs out of the Pacific Northwest then coming back in once we get into the Midwest around legs six and seven. Enjoy the beauty.

The Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest

Original Event date: 2019-09-28


The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia Hops.

Early fall in Alaska, Yukon and Northern Rockies

Original Event date: 2019-09-01


Anchorage, Nome and Will Rogers Municipal.Follow the Alaska / Yukon border south crossing the Oglivie Mountains into Whitehorse. Onto the northern Rockies with stops in Missoula, Reno, Portland and more.

Short hops in Alaska

Original Event date: 2019-08-24


Anchorage to Anchorage with eight hops in between.