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Announcement: 2023-03-02

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Air SeaTac Virtual has moved all operational aspects of the airline to If you're not already a member, please sign up and join Air SeaTac Virtual there. We look forward to seeing you

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Airline Statistics
30 day rolling stats
Total flightsTotal hoursTotal distanceAverage VSTD
6974.7919,377 NM-174 ft/m
All time stats
Total flightsTotal hoursTotal distanceAverage VSTD
2,6793,552.011,048,724 NM-208 ft/m
Latest Flight Reports
2024-06-22Jeff JohnsonASV769B736 - Boeing 737-600MMCZ Cozumel Intl - MGGT La Aurora IntlView
2024-06-22Jeff JohnsonASV769B736 - Boeing 737-600MBPV Providenciales Intl - MYNN Nassau IntlView
2024-06-22Jim HoddeASV003C208 - Cessna CaravanPAMC McGrath - K55 Thompson PassView
2024-06-22Jeff JohnsonASV769B736 - Boeing 737-600MKJS Sangster Intl - MBPV Providenciales IntlView
2024-06-22Jim HoddeC208 - Cessna CaravanPASM St Marys - PAMC McGrathView
2024-06-22Jeff JohnsonASV769DA62 - Diamond DA-62MKJP Norman Manley Intl - MKJS Sangster IntlView
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2024-06-22 > 2024-06-22Jeff JohnsonDecember 2023 Hoplist
2024-06-14 > 2024-06-14Jeff JohnsonNovember 2023 Hoplist
2024-06-10 > 2024-06-10Jeph 775 HeavyJune 2024 Hoplist
2024-06-07 > 2024-06-07Jeff JohnsonOctober 2023 Hoplist
2024-06-01 > 2024-06-01Jim HoddeMay 2024 Hoplist
2024-05-17 > 2024-05-17Jeff JohnsonU.S. State Capital Tour